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International Women’s Wing of Pushti Parivar

Pushti Parivar is very honoured to start up with its new section for women under the guidance of Shri Yashashri Mahodaya. Its main motto is to integrate all the Vaishnav ladies under one roof from all around the world and proceed towards the propagation of our Sampraday.

Pushti Marg is Bhav Marg and Kripa Marg and all these Vaishnav women are like the Gopi’s of Shri Thakorji’s Nitya Lilla. Women’s wing aims to bring back the scattered Vallabhi Shrishti back to serve Shri Tahkorji as Pushti Jeev are there in this world to do Seva.

The younger generation are the foundation of our Vaishnav Shrishti. They are the ones who will do the propagation of principles in Pushti Marg in future. The principles and basic of Pushti Marg will be taught through various activities as today’s generation believes in practical knowledge than theoretical aspects.

INWWPP would like to open up its wings and soar high by inviting all the Vaishnav ladies to join this parivar from around the world. The women’s wing would be a platform for the overall development of Vaishnav women and pushti marg.

One has to enrol herself to be a member to get these benefits

  1. Get updated of all events and utsav
  2. Know more about our sampraday
  3. Samagri section
  4. Moral varta(story) section
  5. Ask queries directly
  6. Learn more on sevaprakar
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