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Introduction - Shri Pushti Parivar Trust

 "Shri Pushti Parivar Trust" was established in the year 2003 under the presidency of his holiness Shri YADUNATHJI Mahoday.

We should be proud that we are Vaishnavs; it is our apt responsibility towards Pushti Sampraday to do more and more for its development. According to an estimate there are crores of Vaishnavs around the world, Gujarat being the foremost amongst them. Out of these, many of them do think that there should be an easy access to some basic amenities such as School's and College's for the Vaishnavs.

Keeping above points in view, his holiness Shri YADUNATHJI established "Shri Pushti Parivar Trust" with an aim to do something for Pushti Sampraday and human civilization as whole. The trust aims at integrating and directing the energy utilized by individuals towards a bigger purpose. The only motto of this trust is to serve living being as a whole.

The trust has laid down some objectives of which some have already been fulfilled and some are on the verge of fulfillment.

  • Gaushala: One of the objectives of the trust was to establish a "Gaushala" where proper care of cows is taken. It is indeed a great pleasure to let you know that within one year of establishment of the trust, a Gaushala was established at Kadi. The Gaushala dwells many cows which are served with modern amenities. 
  • Mobile Van Facilities / Medical Camps: Trust aims at providing highly equipped medical van facilities to remote areas which do not have easy access to modern medical facilities. Medical camps are being planned to serve several villages in the rural vicinity.
  • Loan Facilities: Trust also aims at providing monetary benefits on loan basis to the members of "Shri Pushti Parivar Trust" for certain functions such as marriage, higher education of children. The final decision in such cases rest with the president of the trust.
  • Relief Camps during Natural Calamities: Trust aims to run releif camps and help people during natural calamities like earthquakes, flood, drought etc...

 Why we should become a member of "Shri Pushti Parivar Trust"?

After becoming a member of "Shri Pushti Parivar Trust":

  • You will become a part of every event that is being planned by "Shri Pushti Parivar Trust".
  • Members would be given priority in occasions held at Vrajdham Haveli, Ahmedabad.
  • Members would recieve newsletters published by the trust frequently.
  • Member gets the benefit of touring a religious place such as "Baithakji" once a year.
  • A get together for the members of "Shri Pushti Parivar Trust", where report on work done by the parivar is discussed and plans for the coming year are declared.

Gaushala at Kadi, Ahmedabad Gaushala at Kadi, Ahmedabad Gaushala at Kadi, Ahmedabad

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